Viki legfőbb gondja

Viki has a lot of problems.

What is the biggest problem she has?

EVS is coming up and there is a lot to do.

She is nervous.

She is nervous because nobody else is nervous.

Viki is the only one who is nervous.

She asks Bruno, ‘Bruno, are you nervous?’

Bruno says, ‘No, I’m not. Why should I?’

Viki pulls her hair. ‘Why are you not nervous? Why is nobody nervous? Why am I the only one who is nervous? Ági, you don’t care?’

Ági says, ‘Yes, I care. But I take Valeriana.’

Viki asks Maci, ‘Maci, you don’t care?’

Maci says, ‘Yes, I care. But I have a dog to walk.’

Viki asks Bruno, ‘Bruno, you don’t care?’

Bruno says, ‘Yes, I care. But I’m a cool guy.’

Viki asks me, ‘Attila, you don’t care?’

I say, ‘No, I don’t. Why should I?’

Viki says, ‘Because I do. Because I care. Because I’m nervous. I’m the only one who cares.’

I say, ‘Ági cares too but she takes Valeriana. Maci cares too but he walks the dog. Bruno cares but he is a cool guy. Do you know what you should do, Viki?’

‘No,’ Viki says.

‘I’ll tell you, Viki. Take Valeriana when you walk the dog and be a cool girl. And the problems will solve themselves. The problems will take care of themselves,’ I say and run away super fast.

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