Evil Black Snowmen (transcript)

Once upon a time there was a snowman called (or named) Jeff. (His name was Jeff.)

Jeff was not a normal snowman, he was a fashionable sky-blue snowman.

He had black eyes and he had a brand-new red hat. Jeff’s eyes were made of coal.

He was as big as a grown-up. (as big as a 5-year-old boy / he was twice as big as normal man)

He didn’t have a girlfriend, but he had a dog called Snowball. The dog loved his owner and Jeff liked his dog. The love was mutual. The love was not one-sided.

They lived in a large fridge in a big supermarket. This fridge was a spacious fridge. It was a comfortable place to live in.

The fridge had a swimming pool, a tennis court, but no football field. It had a snowy beach as well and icebergs too. In the supermarket there was a jungle with waterfalls.

When the supermarket closed at night, they made trips. Every night they left their fridge and went to visit places in the supermarket.

In the neighbouring fridge there was a zoo. Jeff had visited the zoo many times with his dog. He has never left his dog behind. He always took his dog along.

They had been to zoo many times but they had never been to many other places.

One night when the supermarket closed Snowball had an idea.

She said to Jeff: Let’s go visit one of the interesting places. We have been to the zoo many times. I don’t want to go to the zoo again. Let’s not go to the zoo.

Let’s discover something new. Let’s go somewhere else, somewhere new where I haven’t been before.

Jeff loved her idea. There were a lot of places they could go.

They opened the door of the fridge and stepped [t] out.

It was dark. They went to the jungle on their magic carpet (because they had one).

They looked around and they saw huge (hatalmas) trees. Giant (óriás) trees. It was very humid. The jungle had high humidity.

The temperature was high. It was 40 degrees.

Jeff was getting red because it was hot / he was hot / he warmed up. Snowball was getting red too.

And they liked it. They were sweating (izzadtak).

But the jungle was dangerous. Strange creatures – a few of black snow people – have been lived in it.

They frightened (= scared) visitors and sometimes they hunted them.

They hunted not just for food, they wanted to eat them.

At this night the black snowmen hunted for Jeff and Snowball to sell their organs (carrot noses, charcoal / coal eyes).

So these black snowmen were really evil. They were completly evil. They had no saving grace.

But Jeff and Snowball didn’t see the evil black snowmen but the black snowmen saw them.

The black snowmen prayed befor hunting to Satan for prey (préda) (they prayed before they went hunting / went on a hunt).

They were ready to get both of them. (or they wanted Snowball as a pet)

Jeff and Snowball managed to escape.

What a relief! (Micsoda megkönnyebbülés!)

Actually, one of the snowmen was a woman and she fell in love with Jeff. She left the jungle with them. She had to leave her home. She went with Jeff.


the worst – legrosszabb

awful – szörnyű

snowman – hóember

snowball – hógolyó

snowflake – hópihe

guess – kitalál / találgatás (you guess if you don’t know)

I guessed right. – ráhibáztam (helyesen találgattam, kitaláltam)

It was a guess. – csak találgatás volt

Csaba guesses he didn’t have a girlfriend.

He had a dog. Was the dog a he-dog or a she-dog?

bitch – szuka

mutual – kölcsönös

So far so good – Eddig még jó

so far – eddig

So far and no further – eddig és ne tovább

spacious – tágas

light-blue / dark-blue / medium-blue / sky-blue

hat – kalap

cap – sapka

snowy – havas

sunny – napos

sandy – homokos

somewhere – valahol

somewhere new – valami új helyre

iceberg – jéghegy

tip of the iceberg – jéghegy csúcsa

tip – csúcs

top – teteje vminek

step out – kilép

Why? „Just because” (mert csak) / ”because”

a torch – elemlámpa / fáklya

magic lamp – csodalámpa

humid – párás

sweat – izzad

strange – furcsa

evil [ivöl] – gonosz

devil -ördög

to frighten = / to scare – megijeszt

coal – szén

charcoa l – faszén [csarköl]

Satan [Széten] – Sátán

prey -préda

pray to – imádkozik vkihez

Sum up the story

They settled (letelepedtek) in the jungle