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The Yellow Dress of the Latest Fashion

Irene went to Budapest. She walked in Andrássy Avenue. Suddenly she saw a dress. The dress was in a shop window. It was a beautiful yellow dress of the latest Paris fashion. It was long and streamlined. In the window there was a pair of shoes to go with the dress. Yellow shoes! Also, there was a cute yellow handbag to go with the dress. She saw big numbers on the price tags but she didn’t mind. She got her phone and called Eric. “I’ve just seen a beautiful dress!” “How much is it?” Eric asked. Irene gave him a big number and said, “I’ll wait here until you come.” “Okay, I’m coming,” Eric said. He was a gentleman. He got in the car and drove to András’ bank.* He got… not a loan… he got a grant of 10,000 euros on a friendly basis. Everybody was happy.

The End

* Az egy korábbi órán derült ki, hogy Andrásnak bankja van.

Fotó © Pereszlényi Erika.