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A Story in Pictures – Történet képekben

Once upon a time there was a little yellow house on the top of a hill. There was a pink polar bear named Joci living in the house. He had a wife named Zsuzsi and an adopted daughter named Meggie who was a yellow teenage duck.

Zsuzsi left Joci one day. She left him because she wanted to travel and Joci didn’t. There was another polar bear called Gábor who told Zsuzsi, ‘Come with me. We’ll travel around the world.’ So she said good-bye to Joci and went with Gábor.

After his wife left him, Joci started to drink.

His daughter kept a diary. She made an entry into the diary every day. She wrote about what was going on in her life. She wrote about her dreams. She had two big dreams.

One was for her to have friends. The other was for her father to stop drinking.

One day she left home and went to town. She went to a pub that was no longer a pub. Now it was a club called Alcoholics Anonymous.

There were a lot of people there. Meggie asked them for help. She said, ‘Can you help my father?’

Two hundred people said they could. They said, ‘Yes, we can.’

They started to climb the hill to Meggie’s house. The hillside was steep so they went slowly but they sang all the way to the top.

They sang, ‘Joci, put down the glass and never pick it up.’ They sang and went.

Joci heard a sound. He didn’t know what it was.

But the sound came closer and closer. First, he could make out his name. ‘Joci…’ Then he could make out the words, ‘…put down the glass and never pick it up.’ Two hundred people and Meggie were singing!

Joci dropped the glass he had in his hand.

Ending One

They came to the house and put a chip in his leg. They told him, ‘If you drink, this will hurt.’ And they smiled and said good-bye.

Now Meggie was happy. She had friends from the club and her father stopped drinking. Her dreams came true.

The End

Before you go to the second, and much better, ending to the story, you might like to watch me retell the story to another group of students:

If you’re happy with this ending, fine. If not quite, read on.

Ending Two

Joci was at home sitting and drinking. He heard a sound. He thought it was coming from inside. He looked at his hand and saw a glass in his hand. He heard the sound again. It said, ‘Joci, put down the glass and never pick it up.’ He dropped the glass. He stood up and went out. He saw a lot of people. They were standing outside his house. They were singing, ‘Joci, put down the glass and never pick it up.’ Joci didn’t have a glass in his hand. The people stopped singing. They were happy to see Joci come out without a glass in his hand. They smiled and laughed and started to hug Joci.

They hugged Joci one by one. Every single person said something nice to him. Joci didn’t know what was going on. But it was wonderful. He couldn’t speak. He cried. He cried for happiness.

Two hundred people hugged Joci. The last person to hug Joci was his adopted teenage girl, Meggie the Duck. She was smiling. Joci hugged her. He was smiling now.

At that moment, his phone rang. Everyone was silent. Joci looked at his phone. He saw it was his wife Zsuzsi calling him.

Joci answered the phone. The people saw he was talking and smiling. Meggie’s dreams came true.

The End

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